Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

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To have skills formally recognised students will be assessed as to whether they have the skills and knowledge to meet the industry standard. This means students will be involved in a careful and comprehensive process that covers the content of all unit(s) or qualification(s) they can be recognised for.



Step 1 - Provide information of skills and experience

Here students can supply examples of their work history which could include:

  • Brief CV or work history
  • Certificates/results of assessment
  • Results/statement of attendance/certificates (workshops, seminars, certificates etc)
  • Diaries/task sheets/job sheets/log books
  • Membership of relevant professional associations
  • Hobbies/interests/special skills outside work
  • References/letters from previous employers/supervisors
  • Industry awards
  • Meeting minutes/agendas
  • Client files/case plans/programs developed
  • Presentations/resources created for specific audiences
  • Projects or other material relating to previous work roles


Step 2 – Conversation with assessor

An assessor will review the information you have provided and match existing skills and knowledge to the units applied for. At this point, you will have the opportunity to discuss and elaborate on your previous experience with the assessor who can then make a judgement on your prior learning.


Step 3 – Practical demonstration of skills

The assessor will then assist you to complete a mapping document for each unit based on the information you have provided.


Step 4 - Gap Training (if required)

If you do have skill gaps, these may be addressed through a short training and assessment program which your assessor will create for you.



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