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What were you doing before your course?

I was enrolled in my Master of Social Work degree which I was not particularly enjoying. Having already swapped courses once, I was hesitant to transfer courses although I strongly suspected I would enjoy business and it might be better suited to me. Through the government funded Diploma of Business which I was able to do with Career Life College, I was able to 'test the waters' in studying business without risking the time and money that comes with changing courses until I was sure.

What support did you receive during your study?

I received as much support as I asked for, and often I was given a call from the friendly staff at Career Life College to ask me if I needed any assistance. They were very flexible and great at talking me through tasks and helping me to understand the relevant concepts. They also were fantastic at asking what I needed, and when I let them know my goal of finishing the diploma within six months, they gave me regular gentle nudges to keep me on track!

What course pathways were available after completion of your course?

Nearing the end of my degree, I knew I'd found what I wanted to do and I wanted to pursue it at a higher level. I enrolled and was accepted to the Bachelor of Business degree at La Trobe University. The staff at Career Life College not only were thrilled for me but gave me extra support during this time to finish the diploma and organise my certificate in time for orientation so that I could apply for credits for prior education.

For my diploma, I was given 8 credits for my degree which saved me one whole year of study and with 2 other credits from my previous study, I was able to finish my degree in one and a half years.

What are you now doing in terms of your career?

Throughout my degree I was applying for various internships and professional positions in which the staff at career life college were in regular contact with me about and I even used them as one of my academic referees. I have now secured a graduate position in a successful regional accounting firm which employs 32 accountants in their Bendigo office as well as three other offices.

I believe the knowledge, support and encouragement I received from the staff at Career Life college both during my diploma and afterwards has played a significant part in my fast success and I enjoy keeping in touch with the staff who continue to support and encourage me.



"Excellent! From day one they were so helpful and patient! Each staff member I contacted was always so friendly and willing to listen and solve any issue I had. Credit to my tutor who was absolutely fantastic the whole time, I honestly could not have completed the course without them. Not only were they helpful with their excellent knowledge, but their motivational words are what kept me going, supporting me to complete the course."

- Sheridan Fisk, Recruitment Officer | Workways, Albury | Diploma of HRM


"I was a little lost around developing and implementing policies, stat plans, fair work, and legal acts around staffing. I’ve learnt so much through my course and now have a great understanding of all of these concepts. I could not have achieved any of this without Career Life College and the guidance and mentoring of my tutor. They were incredible and no issues I ever had were too hard or too trivial. They were awesome and I would recommend Career Life College to anyone. I’m now more confident and have been inspired by my tutor and their encouragement to strive for greater goals in life."

- Belinda Baker, Access Coordinator | Bendigo & District Aboriginal Co Op | Diploma of HRM


"You always hear of RTO's saying that the tutors keep in touch and they are just a phone call away. Well at Career Life College it was exactly that. It has been a very long time since I have had the quality of service that my course tutor has provided for me. With my tutor’s praise, encouragement, enthusiasm and their passion to see their students achieve, I was motivated to achieve as well. I received feedback by e-mail as that was the way that I preferred it, but at all times my tutor was available to talk to on the telephone and give me guidance if needed. My tutor was also always available on weekends as they understood that many people work during the week and the only study time available was on weekends.

With Career Life College, nothing is too much trouble and they will be flexible to your needs in order for you to succeed in your study. I have absolutely no issue in highly recommending Career Life College to anyone."

- Fiona Buist, Site Manager | Workskill, Geelong | Diploma of HRM



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