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The one day Assessment Tools and Advanced Coaching Skills workshop provides accreditation in more than 25 different career assessments and tools which support career development programs in:

  • Education
  • Corporate settings
  • Elite sports career development
  • Rehabilitation providers
  • Psychology practice
  • Private career practitioners

Highly valued by graduates this training offers incredible value for anyone involved in career-life coaching. All attendees receive free assessment credits, career coaching tools and presentation templates valued at more than $700.

Become accredited to use a complete Career Management System which incorporates 20 different assessments and tools, gain access to a battery of career-life assessments for a very low cost per user, utilise a free platform to manage your career program and improve the effectiveness and efficacy of your career services.



1 day workshop (see locations tab for more details)   9:00am - 4:00pm



Applicable for career practitioners, HR managers, teachers, social/youth workers and psychologists working with clientele from students to adults to retirees.


Australia, New Zealand, Qatar & India.

See locations tab for more details.





Nigel Phillips
CEO, Career Life College
  Nigel Phillips has more than 25 years experience in the career development and HR field. He has consulted to both large and small companies in industries including manufacturing, transport, agriculture, infrastructure and government, on a range of human capital related portfolio’s including recruitment, performance management, training and development and talent management.



You will be introduced to tools and methodologies that:

  • Are cost effective and time efficient.
  • Increase the validity and accuracy of your advice, increasing the client confidence and learning.
  • Provide career development methodology and proven psychometric tools applicable to all clientele.
  • Assists in building and maintaining client career-life portfolios.
  • Reduces filing and easily validates records.
  • Increase your career counselling competencies and professional practice.
  • Improve case note management feedback to clients.




PRE-WORKSHOP (Approx 15 mins)
Assessment use with different client groups
Tools for career coaching & career-life mapping
DAY ONE (9:00am – 4:00pm)
Introduction to Career Assessments & Coaching Tools
Using assessments to support client self-understanding
Using 18 Different Reports with clientele
Using case management tools
Advanced Career Coaching Techniques
POST-WORKSHOP (Full Support)
Conduct assessments with clientèle
Utilise reports in coaching
Utilise case management tools in coaching





The small group work, theory made practical by relevant examples and discussion, the trainers approach - credible, fun, real - all made for an excellent workshop. Thanks Nigel, I really enjoyed your teaching style and content.
Lisa Cartwright, Commonwealth Bank


This training offers fantastic value - the tools and methodology covered are outstanding and the CMS is a toolset I feel confident to use with my client group. The workbook and the teaching in this workshop are very good.
Sam Cox, Rugby Western Australia



An excellent workshop, outstanding learning. The trainer has very deep knowledge on both education and corporate applications - the anecdotes were so valuable to apply the learning. Extremely valuable tools and systems that I will be implementing as soon as possible. This training offers extreme value providing a range of new tools to assist you to meet the individual personal growth, learning and course and career planning needs of clients. Just brilliant.
David Trought, Auckland University of Technology


An excellent three days - stimulating, thought provoking and providing some fantastic tools to assist career coaching practice for students and adults. The workshop design allowed for deeper learning and the stories of application really helped to create ‘pegs’ for learning.
Michael Graves, Brisbane State High


Private Practice

A very practical workshop with easy access to tools - underpinning theory explained but kept practical. Met some terrific people for my network! Small group interaction, constant revision of learning, great materials - this is an excellent workshop.
Sheena Wilson, Sheena Wilson Consulting


Simply brilliant - really enjoyed the speed and the amount of information based upon researched practice. Nigel was excellent and answers all questions thoroughly. An excellent workshop.
Roni Jordan, Southern Rehabilitation Institute



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The Career Assessment and Coaching Workshop is delivered in most capital cities across Australia as well as internationally such as New Zealand, India and Qatar.

For the full details of locations, venues, dates and prices for all currently planned workshops use the link below.





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