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VET FEE-HELP Needs Help to Create Real Careers

The recent media spotlight on a number of high volume VET FEE-HELP providers begs the question – why do we spend in excess of one billion dollars on tax payer funded courses each year when there appears to be, more often than not, no clear career outcome for the candidate?

The real solution to this lies in a refocusing of the provision of vocation training on real employment outcomes, and not just what has become a government funded ticketing system with no checks and balances. When the qualification has become the end, and not the means to get a job or further one’s career, then the point really has been lost. Vocational colleges need to have real links to career and employment data and have processes for matching skills and interests of candidates with existing jobs and careers in the field.

Unfortunately, there appears to be little effectiveness in the government’s response to this disconnect between training and employment. For the future of our workforce we hope that the government will find a way to promote career focused training providers and spend our money more wisely.


Author: Tim Morrissey (RTO Manager, Career Life College)


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