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Plugging the Gap in Higher Education

Higher education is absolutely essential for career advancement in today’s economy. When you take a look at the standard of job applicants today, it becomes clear that a degree isn’t so much a leg up as it is a standard qualifier for employability.

Mass education is a good thing, but there is a gap developing between the skills that graduates receive from their education and the skills employers require.

Take the creative industry, for example, which is currently one of the best performing global employment markets. Most creative firms keep a huge amount of their human resources working in digital development projects, as digital markets are providing the biggest growth opportunities for creative firms. However, graduate students have little or none of the skills necessary for digital creative work.

Creative firms are always adapting to new technologies and formats in the digital market. This is simply a reality of today’s creative industry, and university courses are lagging behind. At some point, universities will have to update their teaching protocols to provide a more fluid, relevant learning experience.



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