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The Internet and the changing nature of education

Meet The Internet


Everything is taking to the online realm now, so it’s not surprising that education is slowly making the change and adapting as well. The Internet has become an increasingly important feature of learning for people of all ages everywhere.

The world is speeding up because of the Internet and everybody seems to want everything now and at the click of a button. 83% of Australian households have access to the Internet. It is used as both a research tool for educational purposes as well as a place where people connect with each other socially via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore 93% of people believe that the Internet has helped students learn new things. Search engines like Google play a major part in education as it took out the process of having to physically flick through pages and pages of information.


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The Internet is a great tool for students and it has taken over the good ol’ books. The 21st Century is truly the age of information. Information has never been so easy to access and distributed so quickly before. There are 3.1 million Australians that are connecting to the Internet for educational services.

Technology has become a part of the culture that we all live in. So much so that e-learning has revolutionised the way education can be accessed by all. The use of the computer and laptop has become normalised in schools today. It enables people who, because of their current situation are not able to access education.




These are some of the main reasons why people choose to study online compared to sitting in a classroom:

  • Flexibility
    • Allows people to choose the times when they study
    • Allows people to find that balance between work, life and education
  • Cheaper
    • Compared to university rates and HECS debts
  • Can study in the vacinity of their own home
    • Saving travel cost and time





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