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Improving Inter-Office Communication

Many people find it difficult to effectively communicate with co-workers. Luckily, it is possible to improve your communications skills. This will ensure that people listen to you and that everyone is on the same page at work. The three major areas are: know your audience, use effective body language and be direct.

In an office, not only do people tend to talk and dress in predictable patterns but co-workers tend to communicate with each other in certain ways. One person may prefer email while another wants face-to-face communication. You need to gauge how everyone communicates with everyone else to be effective.

Body language is essential. Try to minimise negative body language such as sighs, averted eyes and crossed arms.

Finally, be clear and direct about your goals. If you have something that needs to be done, give only the essential information to the people who need to know and keep other communication quick and simple. Ask open-ended questions and pay attention to people’s cues.


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