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Getting Into the Good Internships

University students are constantly worried about finding a good job after they finish their degree. They are right to worry, because the job market is competitive at the best of times.

Getting ahead of the pack requires students to do something extra, something more than just a degree – it requires interning. Getting the best internship requires a bit of thought and planning, but with these guidelines it’s simple.

  • Pick a relevant major for your studies early in the degree. It’s ok to change majors; as long as you have one, the internship interviewers will be happy.
  • Get to know your professors, and let your professors get to know you. They will know about some good internship opportunities, and a professor’s recommendation will help you get the position.
  • Use the university career centre to find internships. The career centre is there to help with internship placements while you study. It can also help you find a job after you finish.
  • Polish your résumé at the writing centre or faculty office.
  • Don’t worry about the starting pay, but pick a good organization. The best organizations often pay little or nothing for their interns, but the opportunities for advancement are fantastic.



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