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Contextual Data and UK University Admissions

United Kingdom education experts are currently embroiled in a debate on the topic of university admissions. Some experts say that students from poorer areas, being financially disadvantaged, are unfairly kept out of university.

Of the poorest 25% of students in the UK at age 14, 50% want to go university, but only 13% of those students get admitted.

Experts from the UK social mobility division have come up with a solution – contextual data. Simply put, contextual data is an account of a student’s background that university admissions officers should take into account. Contextual data would mitigate the disadvantages to apt but low socio-economic students.

There is a strong case for contextual data, as most state school students perform at a high level once admitted to university. However, there is just as strong a case to say that disadvantaged students are continually choosing the wrong courses for university admissions.



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