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Listen to StartUp – A Podcast About Starting a Business

startup podcast

Alex Blumberg and Matt Leiber, the owners of Gimlet Media

Podcasts are on the rise. And the amount of high quality, informative series on every topic from film reviews to economics are growing with it.

Our core philosophy at Career Life College is the importance of life-long learning and we try to impart that philosophy on all of our students. Learning doesn’t end when you finish your degree or apprenticeship.

For those who aren’t aware podcasting is similar to radio, but it’s split into episodes available for streaming or download straight from the browser or apps such as the iOS podcast app, or an aggregator like Stitcher.

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Why a shed is an ideal place to start any kind of business

Why a shed is an ideal business space

The concept of running a small business from a shed in your back garden is not new – in fact cottage industries have been operating for hundreds of years.

According to Alex Johnson, author of Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution, shed housed businesses contributed 6.1 billion pounds to the UK’s gross domestic product in 2012. Johnson estimates that there are over 80,000 people now working from garden sheds in the UK with turnover estimated at 76,449 pounds.

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Meet the new breed of start-up agency

How start-up agencies can help small-business

The age of the start-up supporters has come, with many small business entrepreneurs looking to start-up agencies to help them develop their ideas and take their business to the next level.

Three of these new start-up agencies are The New Agency, The Frank Team and The Entourage.

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Small-Business Advice: What You Must Have Before Launching A Start-Up

Essentials to start your own small-business

Suze Orman is the author of The Money Class: Learn to Create Your New American Dream and a certified financial planner. She offered her tips on some of the basic but essential steps that a person must take to ensure that their small business venture is successful.

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The Most Profitable Businesses to Start

Most profitable businesses in the USA

If you are thinking of starting a business, make sure you know which industries or professions are likely to be the most profitable. A report released by US financial information company, Sageworks, could provide the answers.

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