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Australia Punching Above Its Weight in Global Education

Australia is a global heavyweight when it comes to participation in delivering the International Baccalaureate (IB), an educational programme undertaken by over one million students in 144 countries.

Australia ranks fourth behind the US, Canada and the UK in participation in the scheme, which was first introduced to Swiss schools in 1968 as a pre-university pathway.

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Make Sure Your New Job Is a Good Career Fit

In the current tight job market where competition is fierce, it may be tempting to focus solely on landing a role without considering whether the job is a good fit for your personality, skills and desired career path.

According to writer and blogger for Brazen Life, Cassie Nolan, it can be easy for skilled communicators to present a superstar profile during an interview, telling a prospective employer what they want to hear. However, if they did not showcase their actual skills and talents accurately, it can be a disaster for both parties if a job seeker commits to a role they are unprepared for.

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Managing Labour Disputes in Asia

Those looking for offshore employment need to be aware of labour disputes and labour relations in countries such as China, India and Indonesia, where such disputes are “confrontational, spontaneous and violent.”

Presenting at the recent ‘Labour Relations in the Asian Century’ conference in Sydney, management academics Professor Fang Lee Cooke and Associate Professor Peter McGraw have warned that labour relations in countries such as India, China and Indonesia can be highly volatile.

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Engineering Graduates Unable to Secure Jobs

University graduates seeking jobs in engineering, information technology and the environment are struggling to secure jobs in Australia.

The downturn in business and public sector investment in South Australia is to blame for the detrimental effect on job availability, according to University of South Australia (UniSA) industry liaison manager, Gail Jackman.

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Big Employers Not Always Better For Career Development

It’s a common misconception that large companies offer workers more opportunities to develop their careers due to the size of the operations, and that small businesses can’t compete in providing the same scope in career progression.

Recruitment specialists and founders of HR firm E&I People Solutions, Janelle McKenzie and Abiramie Sathiamoorthy, reject this premise. They have advised that on the contrary, sometimes a small business can present a unique opportunity for the best talent to grow and succeed in ways far beyond the actual parameters of the job description. This allows people to develop as well-rounded business leaders, something that big businesses are not able to cater for.

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World’s ‘Fifth Best Job’ is Financial Planning

Financial planning has been ranked as the world’s fifth best job, using the criteria of salary, stress levels, hiring outlook and professional environment, according to a survey compiled by US employment search engine Career Cast.

The financial planning profession scored a ranking of 159 overall, recording a low score of 19 points (out of 100) for stress, 32 points for hiring outlook and 49 for positive work environment.

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The Growth Of IT Consulting

The uncertainty of business growth and the past recession have greatly accelerated the rate at which companies hire IT workers on a contract basis.

CEO of IT consulting services company OnForce, Peter Cannone, has spoken about these trends and claims they are likely to continue.

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Why Women Work In Technology

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, despite comprising 52% of the population, only 18% of women work in the information communication industry (ICT).

Despite their under-representation in the ICT industry, many women continue to take up positions and excel in technological careers.

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Why the Millennial generation may be lacking in drive

tired-young-adultWhy generation Y may lack drive.

Marina Go, a well known journalist and publishing director of Private Media, recently examined the findings of a report about Generation Y and reflected that they are not so much lazy but might just lack drive.

As part of the global research survey in 2012, Millenials (people born between 1980 and 2000) were interviewed about their hopes and fears for the future.

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Creating a path for newcomers to heart-centred industries

Big Hearted Business offers mentoring for creative and heart-centred careers

Singer and musician, Clare Bowditch, has created a new web based enterprise called Big Hearted Business. The company offers mentoring programs and seminars for those in the creative and heart-centred industries such as musicians, dancers, writers, yoga teachers and environmentalists.

A successful performer herself, Bowditch has received an ARIA Award and was named Rolling Stone magazine’s “Woman of the Year” in 2011. Before the fame, though, she taught musicians management and marketing at a Thornbury community house. She even assisted artists such as Eva Popov and Jordie Lane.

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