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The Internet and the changing nature of education

Meet The Internet


Everything is taking to the online realm now, so it’s not surprising that education is slowly making the change and adapting as well. The Internet has become an increasingly important feature of learning for people of all ages everywhere.

The world is speeding up because of the Internet and everybody seems to want everything now and at the click of a button. 83% of Australian households have access to the Internet. It is used as both a research tool for educational purposes as well as a place where people connect with each other socially via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Furthermore 93% of people believe that the Internet has helped students learn new things. Search engines like Google play a major part in education as it took out the process of having to physically flick through pages and pages of information.


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The Largest Obstacles to Having Job Security

People will often ask themselves ‘what went wrong’ when their job suddenly vanishes. The biggest thing to remember about job security is this: there is no such thing as job security.

If you want to stay employable, you have to take an active role when it comes to managing your career. Don’t appear as if you’re dead wood to a company. You need to perform, take an interest, and be a contributor.

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Improving Inter-Office Communication

Many people find it difficult to effectively communicate with co-workers. Luckily, it is possible to improve your communications skills. This will ensure that people listen to you and that everyone is on the same page at work. The three major areas are: know your audience, use effective body language and be direct.

In an office, not only do people tend to talk and dress in predictable patterns but co-workers tend to communicate with each other in certain ways. One person may prefer email while another wants face-to-face communication. You need to gauge how everyone communicates with everyone else to be effective.

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Contextual Data and UK University Admissions

United Kingdom education experts are currently embroiled in a debate on the topic of university admissions. Some experts say that students from poorer areas, being financially disadvantaged, are unfairly kept out of university.

Of the poorest 25% of students in the UK at age 14, 50% want to go university, but only 13% of those students get admitted.

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University Research in the UK

The higher education institutions of the United Kingdom are running in second place behind United States Institutions for research developments. In a world that recognizes progress, cutting edge research is a reliable predictor of economic growth.

Decision makers from the United Kingdom government are currently reviewing the legislative changes necessary to encourage more university research.

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Plugging the Gap in Higher Education

Higher education is absolutely essential for career advancement in today’s economy. When you take a look at the standard of job applicants today, it becomes clear that a degree isn’t so much a leg up as it is a standard qualifier for employability.

Mass education is a good thing, but there is a gap developing between the skills that graduates receive from their education and the skills employers require.

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Getting Into the Good Internships

University students are constantly worried about finding a good job after they finish their degree. They are right to worry, because the job market is competitive at the best of times.

Getting ahead of the pack requires students to do something extra, something more than just a degree – it requires interning. Getting the best internship requires a bit of thought and planning, but with these guidelines it’s simple.

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One Man Betting His Career On A Massive Festival For Las Vegas

A passion for human interaction and bringing large groups of people together has inspired one man to quit his job, launch his own marketing strategy company, and plan a massive festival in Las Vegas.

Rehan Choudhry, former event manager for Las Vegas hotel The Cosmopolitan, decided to start up his own marketing strategy company called Aurelian Marketing. The company specialises in integrating a business’s brand into larger social cultures, from intimate settings to big festival gatherings.

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RMIT University Dismissal Case Reveals Flaws in Redundancy Policy

Employers have been warned to be very careful when organising or initiating redundancies against employees, after a Federal Court case in which RMIT University received a $37,000 fine.

According to Andrew Douglas, principal of M+K Lawyers, businesses cannot use personal reasons as a motivator or trigger for redundancy. Small businesses in particular should be wary, as redundancies can only be used in very specific circumstances.

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Almost Half of Australian Financial Professionals Planning to Switch Employers in 2013

Almost half (46%) of Australia’s finance professionals are planning to change employers in 2013, according to a survey by online career site eFinancialCareers.

The survey revealed that the main factors motivating the desire to change employers are:

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